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Name: Jack And The Black Helicopters
Owner: old joe clark
Country: USA
Region: North Carolina
Near: Longview
WGS84: N35° 43.856 W081° 18.386

Hidden: 2004-06-01
Cache type: traveler
Difficulty: Unspecified
Terrain: Unspecified
Environment: safe,kids,placed without permission,public,free,parking,no handicap access,dogs,not commercial
Cache condition: Excellent
Average rating: 4.9 out of 5
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0066
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: regnad_kcin, old joe clark, madd maxx, hannahwcu, mr007s, talon2525, kkk, Slickrick, moose21, LRC91, RanHefner, OldManJack
Ignores: 0

Poor Ol' Pitiful Jack And The Black Helicopters"

My mailman had this package for me yesterday. Turns out it was from "Jack". It held a small container and the following letter. The strangest things happen to that guy.


I found this container sitting in the middle of a trail a few days back. It was strange. I was hiking along uphill and looked up to check the trail ahead. The container was sitting at the top of the rise in a patch of sunlight. It almost looked illuminated, but it was just the way the sun lights up a patch of ground in the middle of the woods (I think). I approached it with a bit of caution thinking someone must be nearby. I didn't see anyone, so I called out a time or two. No response. There were no fresh tracks near the container, yet it looked like it had just been placed there. It was not dusty, and showed no evidence of having been out in the dew overnight. After carefully inspecting it's surroundings I picked it up. It was light and obviously empty. The inside was just as clean as the outside. I decided someone must have set it down to investigate something off trail and forgotten about it. I put it in my pack and hiked on.

After getting back to camp and unpacking some things I decided the new container would be useful around camp for storage. It was small, but I put a few small items I had lying around in it and left it sitting on a large stump that I use as a table. After having dinner, then doing some reading and stargazing for a while I decided to crawl in the tent about an hour after dark. I couldn't have been asleep long when I was awakened by an awful rumbling and the tent was being buffeted wildly. My first thought was that a bad thunderstorm was on top of me, but the rumbling was too constant, and not like thunder. I sat up and peeked out a vent. It was pitch black out, but I could see that something was stirring up a big wind. I looked to the left toward my cooking area where the big stump is located. To my surprise there was a thin beam of red light (laser maybe?) defined by all the dust swirling in the wind. It was coming straight down out of the sky and centered on the container in the middle of the stump.

I don't like being cooped up anyway, so I sure wasn't staying in that tent if there was to be some action outside. I grabbed a pack with some emergency supplies that I keep in the tent and my 3 foot hickory club and crawled outside. It was very windy and dusty. I had to squint to see. Everything that wasn't heavy or tied down was being blown out of camp. At first I couldn't tell what was causing all the wind and noise. I looked up. Silhouetted against the sky just above the tree tops was a large black helicopter. The chopper was just about totally dark. I could see a little bit of glow from the cabin. Other than that it was "lights out" except for the beam of red light. It was forming a vertical line from a pod on the bottom of the chopper to the container on "my" stump. I've heard for years now that these black choppers existed and were owned by the government, the UN, or some "New World Order" about to take us over. I never paid the stories any attention, but I can tell you now that they do exist.

I don't know if I moved before they knew I was around (doubt that), or if I just reacted differently than they expected, but I threw the pack on my back and ran toward the stump with the club before even thinking. As I ran by the stump I batted the container off into the brush and dove in after it. Just as I hit the bushes two of the brightest search lights I've ever seen lit up my world. I was on the ground rolling, and scooped up the container as I went. I jumped up and ran toward the thickest brush I could see. There was a searchlight to my left and one to my right. Oh goody, two helicopters and I could hear them individually now. Suddenly the lights went out. That means one thing. Infrared!! This was going to be tough. I stayed in the thickest places I could find with a heavy hardwood canopy overhead and headed down the mountain. Still they stayed with me. This mountain gets steep down on the sides and there are some vertical drop offs. I didn't want to go over one of those, but I had to keep moving till I found a place where their electronics couldn't see. I soon came to a large laurel "slick". This is about the thickest cover you'll find. Sometimes so thick you can't crawl through. This was a big one and it covered some steep ground so in I went. The choppers stayed close by, but I'm not sure they could see me all the time. After a bit the mountainside became almost vertical but the laurel was so thick there was no way I could fall. I was working my way down while the choppers flew back and forth nearby. Suddenly the mountainside became stone and boulders and I noticed a dark area to my left. I moved across and found the mouth of a small cave behind the laurel. I quickly crawled in and moved toward the back away from the opening. The choppers kept moving back and forth and up and down the mountainside. A couple of times I noticed they were using the search lights again. I don't think they ever spotted the hole I was in. A few more hours went by. It was almost daybreak and I could see the eastern sky lightening up. Suddenly both choppers came up the mountain at full throttle and across the top they went. I listened to them fly away till I could hear nothing but the pre-dawn quiet. I don't know if they needed fuel, or if they simply don't fly after daylight, but they were gone.

I won't bore you with how I got down the mountain and was able to get this package in the mail to you. I don't even know what made me grab the container and run. I guess I was mad that my camp and my privacy were invaded. It looked like they wanted the container and I wasn't going to let them have it. I think we need to keep it hidden until we know more about it. I have this theory that they can only find it if it's outdoors in the open at night. I think that's why it was in the middle of the trail. I need you to help me keep it hidden and on the move. Sorry I dragged you into this, but I didn't know where else to turn. I'm leaving the next move up to you. Do what you see fit with it, but be careful if you keep it overnight.


Well, I didn't want to keep this thing at my house, so I turned it into a traveling cache. You folks can help keep it moving and hidden from the "black helicopters". The rules are easy.

There are a few small trade items and a logbook in the container. You can trade if you like.

You can find it as many times as you like.

Make sure you hide it well in a public place.

I'd like it kept within 20 miles (~32km) of Hickory, NC. (28601)

There is a codeword written inside the lid that you will need when you log a find.

Input your new coordinates here after rehiding it. Include a hint if appropriate.
See the instructions for "Grab it" and "Move it" below.

If you don't rehide it immediately, use "Grab it" to let others know it's on the move.

Oh, and be careful out there. I don't know if it has anything to do with the container, but there was a black limo with very dark windows sitting in the back of the parking lot after I hid this thing. I don't think they followed me. Wait, there's someone at the door............

Edited: 2006-01-15 20:48:07 UTC
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