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Name: NV Park #4 AKA Nature at Night
Owner: MrYuck
Country: USA
Region: New York
Near: Hoffman
WGS84: N43° 03.322 W078° 47.881

Hidden: 2004-07-02
Cache type: multi,night
Difficulty: 3 out of 5
Terrain: 3 out of 5
Equipment needed: flashlight
Environment: safe,no kids,placed without permission,free,24x7,parking,no handicap access,dogs,not commercial
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE00E2
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: mickemt, MrYuck
Ignores: 0

The 4th cache in Amherst's Nature View Park, this cache is findable only at night with a good flashlight.

The coords at the top of the page will not take you to the cache. They are the starting point for the cache. To find this cache, you need to go to the starting point, and follow a trail of reflective markers to find the cache, which is a .30 cal ammo box painted flat black.(camoflauged for night, get it?) This is considered a multi-cache, because you are required to go to a location (the starting point), and find the cache at another location.

Park at N 43 Deg. 03.671' W078 Deg. 48.003' (Be sure to have these coords stored in your GPSR). From the parking area, follow the only trail, which is very well defined, but unmarked, to the starting point approx. .40 miles away.

Once at the starting point, scan the woods with your flashlight in search of reflective markers on trees. Be advised there are two trails; one is a decoy. The encrypted hint, if you choose to use it, will tell you which trail is the correct one. Should you choose not to use the hint, and find yourself on the decoy trail, simply return to the starting point, and try again.

The beginning and end of the trail are well marked. In between, you will have to scan the woods with your flashlight to find the markers. When you are well on your way to the cache, you may notice two different trails; no trickery here, this was just a "field adjustment", and both trails will lead you to the cache. Once at the ending well marked tree, look for the cache within 10 ft. on the ground.

This cache was inspired by two night caches I have found in New Jersey, which I considered pretty easy. But upon field testing, it turned out to be not as easy as I was hoping for. Keep in mind the following:

The cache is not as suitable for children as I would have hoped. They should be OK, providing there are part of a large group, and well leashed at all times. There are a few items in the cache for the kiddies. Round trip distance is slightly over 1 mile.

This is standard two star terrain (bushwacking in a flat, wooded area) bumped up one star due to the factor of darkness. Note that you cross trails at a couple of points, and you can take these trails back to the starting point, which I would advise you have stored in your GPSR as a waypoint.

Bug spray is mandatory in the summer. In the spring, hip waders may be required. Expect to find mud all times of the year. Dirt bikers and ATV'ers do their best to insure the trails in Nature View Park are always muddy.

Oh yeah, and if you're intimidated by being serenaded by a chorus of coyotes off in the distance while you're out in the woods at night over .5 miles from your car, this cache is not for you!!

Once on the main trail back to your car, be sure to bear to the right at the only fork in the trail. You are close to your car at this point, but taking the left fork will put you in someones back yard.

Note proximity to the existing cache "A View to Nature (Winter Version)" GC600B which is only .11 miles from the starting point. Feel free to try this as a night cache, or arrive before darkness, and try it first.

Parking Parking Lat: 43.03.671 Long: 078.48.003 ~ Mapquest
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