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Name: The Blue Bridge Micro
Owner: HuckleBuckle
Country: USA
Region: New York
Near: Lancaster
WGS84: N42° 51.421 W078° 41.537

Hidden: 2005-04-11
Cache type: micro
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: 2 out of 5
Environment: safe,no kids,permission granted,public,free,parking,no handicap access
Average rating: 4.0 out of 5
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0125
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: HuckleBuckle
Ignores: 0

Located adjacent to Blossom Feed, The Blue Bridge is a popular spot for both fishing and just enjoying a nice view. The cache that you are looking for is a small film container. ***BE SURE to bring your own pen/pencil***. As always, be sure to put the cache back exactly where it was located. Park in the Blossom Feed parking-lot for the easiest and quickest way to the cache. There might be muggles around, but they will most likely be fishing. Happy Caching. FTF: spadeandarcher

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Edited: 2005-05-23 20:00:06 UTC
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