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Name: Birthday Dash
Owner: dashNcat
Country: USA
Region: Ohio
Near: Newport
WGS84: N39° 06.034 W084° 30.064

Hidden: 2005-06-10
Cache type: locationless
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Terrain: 2 out of 5
Environment: permission granted
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0133
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: dashNcat
Ignores: 0

Where is your Birthday?

We all know "when" our birthday is. But "where" is it? To answer this question, you must create your own set of coordinates based on the 6 digits of your birthdate (mm/dd/yy). These will become your birthday coordinates! Then all you have to do is go there. Sound easy? Let's see!

Here's how you do it:

You can pick any 5 of these 6 numbers (mm/dd/yy) to create your own latitude; and any 5 to create your own longitude. Mix and match any 5 of these 6 numbers to obtain a valid set of coordinates that you can reach. You'll soon realize that there are literally hundreds of possible combinations - some near, some very far away! You just need to find the ones close to you! Or, an exciting new place far away!

You can use whatever "degrees" you want, probably those of your home town. Then you will use your 5 birthday numbers to create the minutes (mm.mmm). The coordinates at the top of this page are just an example of what I created using my birthday. See example below:


For the degrees I used N39 and W084 since they are my home (again, you can use whatever degrees you want).

My birthdate is 06/03/46. Therefore the 6 numbers I can use are: 003466. Using 5 of these 6 numbers, I then created the following birthday coordinates for me:

N39 06.034 W084 30.064

(06.034 are 5 of the 6 digits from my birthdate)
(30.064 are 5 of the 6 digits from my birthdate)

This location happens to be only 8 miles from my house.

How to get credit for the find:

You will try to get within 100 meters of this location. If you canít reach it because itís in the middle of a lake, or on private property, or just too far away to drive, etc., then rearrange the numbers and come up with another set of coordinates to try to reach.

If youíve tried all combinations (very hard to do), and still cannot reach within 100 meters of your birthday location, no matter how you arrange the numbers, then you have a DNF. Sorry! But remember, all you have to do is just change the "degrees" and try again.

Note: I will also accept "in the air" above the birthday coordinates, as long as you are within 100 meters above it.

Your log entry should list the following:

1) Your birth date
2) The successful set of coordinates that you created
3) How close you got
4) A photo of your "birthday location", or from your "birthday location"
5) A photograph of your GPSr showing the coordinates and the distance.

I've set the Difficulty and Terrain ratings at 2. And I've not listed any attributes or special equipment. These will obviously change, based on your choice of birthday coordinates. And since there are many possible birthday locations, you can log as many as you want. Just use the above criteria to do it.

Letís see what unique and exciting places we can find at our birthday locations!
Edited: 2005-06-26 14:19:41 UTC
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