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Name: We Shield Millions
Owner: robertlipe
Country: USA
Region: Tennessee
Near: Hallbrook
WGS84: N36° 00.036 W086° 47.321

Hidden: 2004-05-07
Cache type: regular,multi,puzzle,night
Difficulty: 2 out of 5
Terrain: 2 out of 5
Environment: safe,kids,placed without permission,public,free,24x7,parking,no handicap access,not commercial
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0029
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: robertlipe
Ignores: 0

About 3/4 mile total travel and a brief puzzle are required. All but the last few hundred feet are on asphalt paths. The cache can be completed in under 25 minutes on foot and much faster than that if you have any form of (non-motorized) wheels. This is a well known landmark; most of you have driven by it. But did you know it contains a bomb shelter AND a direct line to the president? All but the last step of this multi-cache can be done on wheels ranging from a baby stroller to roller blades. I scouted it on foot, but did the research and hide on bike. I've since travelled the majority of this route on scooters and skates. The last step will require you to leave the path and leave any wheeled objects behind briefly. Take a pencil for working out the puzzle below. Park at the coordinates above. If you cannot get that precise parking space, improvise. I have reason to suspect that parking space will be available. Enter the Big Tunnel. Count the light fixtures above. (If you have entered a tunnel with no lights, you have done WAY too much geocaching...) Let A == that number. Proceed to the sign. Read the sign. Let B == the first digit you see on the sign. Let C == the last digit you see on that sign. Let D == A + B. Proceed to 355D.8D3N 864C.653W. Count the number of pipes you're standing on. Let E == that number. Let F == E + B. The final cache location is 35FD.DB2N 86EC.3BFW. As affirmation, if you add A + B + C + D + E + F you will get a two digit number. If you add those two digits together, the sum is "seven". So if you don't get "seven" with the digits you've computed, you can either search the wrong spot or try again. :-)
Edited: 2004-05-07 19:56:47 UTC
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