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Name: Cache Catharsis
Owner: mickemt
Country: USA
Region: New York
Near: North Tonawanda
WGS84: N43° 01.326 W078° 47.687

Hidden: 2006-02-07
Cache type: regular,micro
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Environment: safe,kids,permission granted,public,free,24x7,parking,dogs,not commercial
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE019B
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: mickemt
Ignores: 0

35 mm film can stuck on a guardrail, bring a pen or pencil. [br] A hide for all of you who have ever found a cache and wondered "What would posess someone to make a lame micro like this?".

Then, back at home, sitting down behind the keyboard to log your find, it hits you - "What on Earth am I going to write favorable about that cache"?...

Well this is one of those caches! It is not clever, nor interesting. There is no scenery or trade items and there is nothing remotely educational about it, it may be the worst cache you have ever seen! In fact, the idea for the cache is not original, the name has been taken from "Cache Catharsis" by TMAACA (GCQVDG), even the location is not new,it's hidden where "Road To Nowhere" by The White Urkel (GCM5TA) used to be.

The point of this hide is to provide a cathartic experience for all those past caches you struggled to find something positive to write about. To get credit for the find, you have to log what a lousy cache this is! Say all the things you have always wanted to say in the past. Go ahead! Make me laugh, make me cry, be clever, be clean - but do not be kind! Any TFTC's or complimentary comments may lead to your log being summarily deleted and you'll be forced to go out and find the lame thing all over again!
Don't say I diddn't warn you this was lame!

Kid Friendly Kid Friendly No Wheelchair Access No Wheelchair Access Available year-round Available year-round Muggles Beware of Muggles! Pencil Bring a pen or pencil Park and Grab Park n Grab
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Edited: 2006-02-07 13:48:07 UTC
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