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Name: CSI Ithaca (origanally by FoxPro)
Owner: mickemt
Country: USA
Region: New York
Near: Cayuga Heights
WGS84: N42° 27.621 W076° 28.976

Hidden: 2005-07-12
Cache type: regular,multi
Difficulty: 3 out of 5
Terrain: 3 out of 5
Environment: safe,permission granted,public,free,no handicap access,not commercial
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0266
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: mickemt
Ignores: 0

          New York Admin missing!
"Concentrate on what cannot lie. The evidence..." -- Gil Grissom

In a startling announcement today, an Ithaca Police spokesperson said they've received a ransom note with demands from a kidnapper. Part of the note reads: "Let me place my cache 527 feet from the adjacent one or you'll never see NYA again!."  An "I'm not lost, I'm Geocaching" button was attached to the note. Also found at the scene was a ripped T-shirt, apparently torn off in the struggle,  with the words "I use a billion dollar government satellite system to find Tupperware in the woods." All the evidence from the scene was immediately turned over to the crack Ithaca CSI team who consolidated it into four Gruesome Crime (GC) evidence boxes:

Box JPHW is Catherine's. She's working on a blender from the scene with some soy residue found at sunset at the crime scene.

Box 7A77 is Nick Stokes'.  He's analyzing some hairs from 'Mustela furo' found on the T-shirt.

Warrick has box NVBM . He's looking for the source of some carbon that CSI Bud spotted with her eagle eye in a gap in the floor.

Sara's got box NP6D. She's got epithelials, GSR, and fingerprints left by the not-so-foxy perpetrator.

The final results of each investigation will be in the appropriate evidence box. Your mission is to sum up the data from all 4 folders to locate and free NYA so that geocachers all over New York can start getting their caches reviewed and approved once more.  The huge ransom seen below is actually in the cache, along with items contributed by concerned NY cachers.

Libelous remarks about the victim or the case will be summarily deleted, and will disqualify you from the investigation.

Above coordinates are where Detective Brass has a stakeout near the suspects hideout, and where NYA may be held captive.

New York Geocachers

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