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Name: WWI War Machinery - Locationless
Owner: RanHefner
Country: USA
Region: North Carolina
Near: nothing!
WGS84: N00° 00.010 W000° 00.010

Hidden: 2008-08-22
Cache type: locationless
Difficulty: Unspecified
Terrain: Unspecified
Equipment needed: see text
Environment: placed without permission
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0276
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: RanHefner, tripman1
Ignores: 0



This Geocache brought to you by:

Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Cache In Carolina!
w w w . C a r o l i n a C a c h e r . o r g


This locationless may be harder than you expect! World War One relics are disappearing. Once mighty examples of the "Great War", they are now displayed as war trophies.

Your task is this: You must find a piece of World War One machinery...Cannon, tank, rifle, or any piece of machinery that was used by any country in World War One. Knives and swords are not allowed because they are not a machine! Post the coordinates. Post at least one picture. At least one of the pictures must have a GPSr (GPS receiver) in it. Post as much information about the machine as you can! Links to websites would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the hunt! Oh, by the way. The piece shown in this listing is a 210mm German Howitzer surrendered to U.S. 1918. It was placed here in memory of the men from the community who participated in the World War. Erected by Hickory American Legion Post No. 48. 5-30-27.

Tasks to claim this locationless cache:
  1. Find a WWI piece of war machinery
  2. Mark and post the coordinates
  3. Take at least one picture
  4. At least one picture must have a GPS receiver in it.
  5. Obtain as much information about the war piece as you can.

    Preserve The Cache - Trade Equal Or Better

    If you need help, you can call me.
    (828) 398-GPS-1

    If you have Skype
    Skype Me !

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