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Search parameters: RanHefner

Title Owner Country Region Listed Last log Date
Redbox - Locationless RanHefner US CO 2010-06-06 Find by Aardvark 2014-10-30
Heritage Trail Freeloader RanHefner US NC 2008-10-18 Note by Scout 2010-08-29
Just Off The Beaten Path RanHefner US NC 2008-10-05 Note by Scout 2010-08-29
Geitner Park Stash RanHefner US NC 2008-09-21 Note by Scout 2010-08-29
Pole Clock - Locationless RanHefner US CO 2008-09-19 Find by tripman1 2014-03-16
Horizontal Trunk RanHefner US NC 2008-09-14 Note by Scout 2010-08-29
WWI War Machinery - Locationless RanHefner US SC 2008-08-22 Find by SoccerFanatics 2013-01-02
Winkler, Winkler, Little Cache RanHefner US NC 2007-09-23 Note by Scout 2010-08-29
Wild Bear Rest Stop RanHefner US NC 2007-07-10 Note by Scout 2010-08-29



The results of a cache search are displayed.

If the search was by country/region, by time or by owner, the results will be sorted by date the cache was listed, with the newest cache at top. If the search was a proximity search (by city or ZIP code or postcode or by saved location) the results will be sorted by distance, with the closest cache at top.

Explanation of fields:

  • Title: the cache name. To see the details for any cache, click on the cache name.
  • Owner: The player who created the cache listing.
  • Distance: the distance, in kilometers, from the cache to the city center or ZIP code or postcode or saved location specified by you. Saved locations are set in your profile.
  • Country: the country in which the cache is located.
  • Region: the state, province, bundesland, kantone, etc., in which the cache is located.
  • Near: the nearest city or town, based on a database of over 3 million place names. Use this as a guide only. Accuracy is not guaranteed.
  • Listed: the date the cache was listed with
  • Last Log: the last person to log that cache, giving the person's name and the kind of log.
    • Hide: The initial comments about the log by the hider. If this is the last log, it indicates that no one else has logged this cache.
    • Find: Comments made by a geocacher who found the cache
    • DNF: Comments made by a geocacher who tried and failed to find the cache (Did Not Find)
    • Note: Comments independent of a hunt. May be made by someone who already logged the cache earlier, by someone planning to hunt the cache, by the owner, or by any interested observer.
    • Review: Comments made by a volunteer who reviews a cache using its description, not by having found the cache itself. Reviews are used to express an initial, independent opinion about the suitability of a cache.
  • Date: the date of the last log

The search engine may have ignored some caches and not displayed them. Caches are ignored based on criteria set by you in your profile. For example, by default, caches are not displayed until they have been reviewed and approved. The count of ignored caches, if any, will appear at the bottom of the listing.

Some caches may have been ignored because you asked that they be ignored. To see these caches, go to the home page and click on "Show my ignores".
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