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Owner: ASPGeobash
Country: USA
Region: New York
Near: Bradford
WGS84: N42° 00.621 W078° 49.070

Hidden: 2007-05-19
Cache type: event
Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy
Environment: safe,kids,permission granted,public,24x7,parking,handicap access,dogs,not commercial
Average rating: not enough logs to calculate
Other ratings: Handicaching
Waypoint: GE0200
Nearest: GPSgames  Groundspeak
Watches: ASPGeobash, mickemt
Ignores: 0



May 18th 2007 - Bonfire and Open Mic at: N 42.00.880 W 078.50.081

May 19th 2007 - Allegany State Park Geobash and Caching Event at: N 42.00.621 W 078.49.070

May 20th 2007 - Pancake Breakfast at: N 42.00.880 W 078.50.081

This year with the Pavilion in the Quaker Lake area and Group Camp #5, we will have an even bigger and better event. One of our on-going goals is to promote a family friendly event, making it attractive to even our small cachers! We also recognize that there will be some of us raring to go caching. There are many permanent caches located within the park and multiple event caches being planned. With this in mind, we have attempted to strike a balance between scheduling and opportunities to mingle and chat. This year, we are going to try something new and are part of our continuing effort to promote a family-oriented event. Selected meals will be prepared available on a good will honor-system donation basis.

Please join us and check out updates on our yahoo group site: ASP Geobash

FRIDAY: May 18th

Having traveled to get to the event, who wants the hassle of cooking or throwing something together? You can join the fun at Group Camp #5 area.

Our answer is the Chili and Soup Dinner. We have a number of things planned and as we know from last year, those early spring evenings can be cool (!) and a cup of something warm and tasty will hit the spot as you chat with fellow cachers. Meal will be funded through donation.

But what is dinner without entertainment? Here is a chance for all you frustrated “Idol” fans to have a chance at the microphone with Open Mic: Individuals or groups have their shot at fame with a live microphone. Entertain your fellow cachers with your best (FAMILY FRIENDLY) effort. And for all you who fear dying of laughter at the efforts, there will be a time limit for each group and or individual.

A Bonfire will provide a place to gather with fellow cachers and swap stories.

The ASP Geobash Event Store will also be available, stocked with clothing, patches, pins, and coins with a section for NYGO and Kinzua Area Cachers items.

Night caches will be available for our die-hard cachers.

SATURDAY: May 19th

The focus switches to Quaker Lake Pavilion. Just a hop skip and a jump down the road from Camp #5. Coffee (or tea) and muffins will be available in the Quaker Lake Pavilion for you early cachers who need to refuel before hitting that first cache of the day. Meal will be funded through donation. Several event caches of varying types and degrees of difficulties are planned to involve everyone at every level of caching experience.

Traditional Geocachers Potluck Lunch at Quaker Area Pavilion. Wow your fellow cachers with your culinary efforts as we gather mid-day to eat together picnic style. We ask that you share with us your plans on what you are bringing, so we can be sure all the bases are covered!

Everything from classes for the less experience cacher to extreme games are being planned for the day. A nature walk for those interested in identification of what nature has to offer. Children’s games and the return of Signal the piñata are being planned. The traditional group picture will be taken following the potluck lunch. The will definitely be something for everyone at this family friendly event.

This years raffle will include many geocoins from different people and places, along with signature items from different cachers. Look for Moun10Bike pins and wooden nickels along with some great coins from Local cachers and even Pennsylvania Geocoins. The raffle will also include one of our very own ASP Geobash Geocoins. The raffle will have GeoBaskets for girls, boys, and adults along with many caching items. There will be a 50-50 raffle too. We are planning on an even bigger raffle than last year.

Camp #5 will be the focus of Saturday’s evening activities, with an area set aside for the geocoin fans. The Geocoin Expo will be for exchanging “Ooo’s” and “Ahhh’s”, getting numbers for ‘discovering’ coins and, if the coin owners desire, a place to swap ‘traders’. If you are new to the craze, there will be knowledgeable cachers who will be more than happy to discuss these unique and beautiful travelers.

Mama mia! It’s a Spaghetti dinner at Camp #5’s mess hall! An apple dessert will be the topper for this feast. Activities will be held afterwards at the same site, so make sure you pick up your plate! Meal will be funded through donation.

A Children’s Activity time will provided for our younger cachers with games and craft activities.

Geocaching Colloquium: We are honored to have a Groundpeak moderator come and talk about the Geocaching, the sport’s history and most recent developments.

SUNDAY: May 20th

For our final get-together, our traditional “Short Stacks and Long Tales”, fondly remembered by those who attended last year’s events: Pancake Breakfast, with sausages and coffee (or tea) too! Meal will be funded through donation.


Everyone will want to be sure to stop in at our event store; we will have many items to choose from so there should be something for everyone. We have a brand new coin this year designed by one of our own committee members using one of Allegany State Parks cutest raccoons as the model. The committee liked the coin design so much that we decided to use it for this years design on our other items as well. We will have coins, pins, patches and sweatshirts available for sale at the store.

Be sure to check back as the event draws nearer as some items will be available for pre-sale. We will also be posting the store hours and prices. So make the event store part of your plans while at the event - you will like our cute little raccoon!


We are looking forward to meeting and greeting all of you! PLEASE make sure the cacher bringing you to the event has "placed" you in the event, AND that he/she knows your specific goal(s) and destinations. If you have your TB sheet please bring it with you as it will assist us in helping you in your journey to specific destinations. (The cacher bringing could print your sheet if you don't have one already in your bag). We will have specific departure areas for you depending on your goal(s) and/or destinations. **As soon as you arrive at the event, please proceed to the TRAVEL BUG reception area for further instructions. Happy traveling until we see you in May!!!


Group Camp 5 Group Camp 5

Group Camp #5: There are 19 individual rustic cabins with electric, cots, mattresses, but no heat, available for those interested in staying “where the action is”. A central shower building and pit latrines are on the group campgrounds. These rustic cabins are on a first RSVP with payment basis. Cost for two nights is $36.00. The cabins sleep up to a maximum of six people. Two cabins (6 people each) will be held for individuals willing to be housed dorm style. Cost for two nights in “the dorm cabins” is $6.00 per person. Cabins will be available Friday from 4 PM to Sunday 10 AM. These cabins are located next to the heated mess hall, where Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday morning activities are taking place. Contact for more information. No tent or RV camping is permitted at the group camp.

Allegany State Park Camping: The Quaker Lake Section of Allegany State Park offers 230 cabins, 189 campsites and 7 full service cottages. All are located on ASP RT #3. Quaker Cabin Trails (west to east) are Weller, Barton, Taft, Group Camp 5, Ranger, Pinetree, Brow, Ward, Coon, Diehl (cabins and campsites area), Hamlin, Quaker Lake Pavilion, Circle, Gypsy, Horseshoe, Reed, Indian, McCabe, Angle, Fancher Cottage Trail, Buffalo, Parallel, Creekside, Kaiser, and Stony (special for campers with horses). Cain Hollow Campground sites are located in the Quaker Lake Section. Red house is about a 20 minute drive from the Quaker Area.

Reservations/Information is available at 1-800-456-CAMP or

Motels/Hotels: Although we would love to see everyone stay with us at Allegany State Park, we know that is not realistic to expect. For those who would love to join in for the activities of the Geobash, but would like alternative lodging in place of a campground, here are some local options:

*Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites 716-945-7600 779 Broad Street, Salamanca, NY 14779 (exit 20 off I-86)

*Tarry Here Bed & Breakfast 716-945-3123 141 Broad Street, Salamanca, NY 14779

*Mountain View Motel 716-945-2923 888 Broad Street, Salamanca, NY 14779

*The Historic Dudley 716-945-2002 132 Main Street, Salamanca, NY 14779

*Best Western/Bradford Inn 814-362-4501 100 Davis Street, Bradford, PA 16701


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