"Jeremy Irish" <>
Sent: 10/10/2000 11:27:42 AM

Geocaching Forums

Added a new feature to the site - Online forums. So if you
wanted to talk Geocaching and didn't want to broadcast to the whole group
you can do it there.

Either click on the "Discuss Geocaching" link on, or go
direct now:

The bulletin board is a separate feature with different logins then on the
main site. We'll work to integrate the forums with the rest of the site so
you only have one login to make. In the meantime if you have a nickname you
like I'd suggest creating an account soon. We're planning on having a lot of
traffic in the next few weeks - and hopefully a lot more geocaches to find!

Mike Teague will be helping to moderate the main forums. If you have any
subject suggestions or would like to create and moderate your own category,
let us know! We're also creating State-specific (and country specific)
discussion groups, so if you want to represent your state let me know!

Happy hunting.