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Re: [gpsstash] Garmin eTrex Summit or Emap?

I have the eMap and really like it. Biggest drawback to me with the eTrex is
that you can't scroll the screen, so instead you have to zoom in and out to see
what's off to the left and right of you. I do like the idea of the eTrex
Summit where it has a real compass built into to it though (although its not
hard to carry a compass in your pocket ;^). My biggest reason to go with the
eMap over the eTrex is the basemap though. I use it more for driving than
hiking though, so the basemap is really handy. Also cool to take on a plane
and hold up to the window periodically to find out not only how fast (ground
speed) and how high you are, but also where you are (since you have ground
markers built into the unit).

eTrex is definetly more "rugged" than the eMap, but I've had my eMap out in
misty and sprinkling conditions, and I've heard people have used it in the rain
with it inside a plastic baggie or other protective shell.

If you are only going to use a GPS for hiking and geocaching, the eTrex is
probably plenty sufficient. If you want to navigate roads, or keep your
bearings based on them, then the eMap is better. Plus the expandibility is
always there...

And yes, you can create a waypoint by just putting in the coords of it, and
then tell the GPS to go there, and it will point you in the "as the crow flies"
direction and give you estimates on how far you are from the waypoint and how
long until you reach it (at your current speed and direction).

BTW: Check out for great prices on these units. I'm not
affiliated with them, but have dealt with Darrell and he is great and very

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