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Re: [gpsstash] Garmin eTrex Summit or Emap?

-I have used GPS systems for the last 12 years in the military. The only GPS
system, handheld in size, able to withstand the pressures of scuba that I
have ever seen used, is a Trimble. The etrex/summit and its counterparts
are, and should only able to, withstand 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. That
is way less than one atmosphere. What that means is that if you dropped it,
banged it, or kept it down there for any amount of time you are probably
going to be wringing it out when you are done.
-Second item is mapping software. For the price of an Emap, you could go
out, buy Maptech Inc. topographic software for your PC, plus an interface
cable, and an Etrex and get the same rewards as an Emap. I don't use my
etrex to get to the nearest 7-11 so I wouldn't know about town use. However,
I have used it in a 4 wheeler in the desert and it works great. I have used
it on all sorts of aircraft and it is equally cool. I have used the
altimeter to predict weather on the other side of a mountain range with
about 1 hour's warning. I have used it in my zodiac, in gnarly weather,
submerged in bilge, and it was fine. I think it uses half the batteries, and
has twice the endurance of the emap.
-Final point, what do you need?

-If you know 9 times out of 10 which way north is without checking your
compass, you don't need a compass.
-If you can tell what your orientatation is, based on the locations of your
other waypoints, in reference to yourself, you don't need mapping software.
-If you don't know much about fundamentals of navigation, you probably need
an Emap.
-If you are willing to learn the fundamentals of orienteering, before trying
to rely on your GPS, you might lean towards the Etrex.
-And lastly, if you don't need to predict weather or know the exact
altitude, you won't need an Etrex summit.

>Subject: [gpsstash] Garmin eTrex Summit or Emap?
>Date: Fri, 13 Oct 2000 19:43:47 -0000
>Looking at getting into the Geocaching and was trying to decide what
>would be a good GPS to get. I have narrowed it down (I think) to
>those two and was wondering which one the group thought would be
>better? I know the emap is not waterproof like the summit but isn't
>it better to have the map capability for this?
>Also...can you just enter the GPS location into them and they guide
>you to the spot? Or am I way off on how they work?
>PS. I am in Mississippi and from the website it looks like this is
>not happening in this state I hope to be the first one down
>here to do this...(I have some plans to slide over into Florida and
>also add a SCUBA dive spin to this).
>Tony Boutwell

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