Sent: 10/13/2000 2:43:47 PM

Garmin eTrex Summit or Emap?

Looking at getting into the Geocaching and was trying to decide what
would be a good GPS to get. I have narrowed it down (I think) to
those two and was wondering which one the group thought would be
better? I know the emap is not waterproof like the summit but isn't
it better to have the map capability for this?

Also...can you just enter the GPS location into them and they guide
you to the spot? Or am I way off on how they work?

PS. I am in Mississippi and from the website it looks like this is
not happening in this state I hope to be the first one down
here to do this...(I have some plans to slide over into Florida and
also add a SCUBA dive spin to this).

Tony Boutwell