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RE: [gpsstash] Decided on GPS for Gecocaching.

I'd say 8 meg is enough if you have a notebook computer to stuff the eeprom
as you travel about. I find 16 meg is just barely enough for me as I don't
have a notebook computer. It's all a matter of how you are going to use the
emap. If you are always leaving on your trips from home, then 8 meg is

The batteries last so long in the emap I can't keep track of how long they
last, not to mention it only takes two AA batteries. I always keep those
Costco 4 pack of AAs in my backpack.

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> Subject: [gpsstash] Decided on GPS for Gecocaching.
> After all my research I have decided to go with the Garmin eMap with
> 8 meg of memory and the TOPO map CD (instead of the driving/city one).
> I am getting it just for the hiking/geocaching and think the topos
> will come in more handy than the city one. I just hope the
> bread-crumb resolution and battery life will be cool.
> Thanks for all of your help. I am ordering it on Monday and hope to
> have my first geocache (stash?) done this weekend.
> Tony B.