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RE: [gpsstash] Stamps for your own Geocaching Logbook

I'd say we're still defining the sport, so it's pretty chaotic at this point
(read: no rulebook). None of us would say, "No. You can't do that," -
especially since Letterboxing and Geocaching have a lot in common.

I won't speak for everyone, but after you do a few caches it's not the stuff
that is the fun part about it, but the find itself. I'd be happy with just a
logbook cache hidden somewhere (or a stamp & passport). Others may believe
otherwise. I do have a collection of "booty" on my desk though, so even I
may be fibbing :)

We're all trailblazers in this sport, so feel free to be the first at
dropping a stamp in your cache. Others may follow your lead!


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Subject: [gpsstash] Stamps for your own Geocaching Logbook

I was reading this article here:

About how they leave personalized stamps in the geocache so the
hunter can stamp his own personalized log book as he locates them....
I thought this sounded pretty cool. The hunter can still sign the
logbook there...but he gets to bring back a "record" of his find in
his own type of log book. Does this sound like something that would
be cool to do in our sport?

Tony B.

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