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RE: [gpsstash] Delorme Topo USA/Emap Question

Garmin has you by the "whatevers" because the emap is 10 times more useful
with the topo map in the unit itself. For what it's worth, the Garmin topo
detail is done to the nearest 50 meters. The Delorme topo claims 20ft
intervals, which is as good as Wildflower ( and the
printed/scanned USGS maps. It looks like they dumped their old single CD
version and went to regional editions. I may go buy one myself for hike
planning. Still, I can't see owning the emap without the Garmin Topo CDROM.
All the off-road roads (yes that sounds funny) are on the Garmin CDROM. This
has saved my butt a few times. You can program a route, but often when you
are off road, some roads that look fine are not passable. You need the
alternate routes. If take a notebook computer with you or hard copy maps, I
suppose you could find a new route. BTW, I carry hard copy maps and a
compass. Like the GPS says, don't depend on it as your only source of
navigation information.

If I can find the Pacific West Delorme CDROM, I'll let you know if the
interface works with the emap.

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> Does anyone know if the Delorme Topo USA (South Eastern) edition will
> interface with the eMap? I know it won't be able to download the maps
> but will you be able to upload/download routes/waypoints?