Sent: 10/16/2000 1:22:55 PM

Delorme Topo USA/Emap Question

Does anyone know if the Delorme Topo USA (South Eastern) edition will
interface with the eMap? I know it won't be able to download the maps
but will you be able to upload/download routes/waypoints? I decided
not to get the Garmin Topo map cd (over 100$) because the resolution
on them did not look great...the delorme topo's look like they have
more detail...and as long as I can download the should be
a cool setup.

Plus I dig the new 3d/elevation effects that version has (not to
mention it only cost $40. Below is the quote from their
specifications screen: (It doesn't mention eMap but I hope that's
because it's still pretty new product and may have gotten left off.)

- - - - - - - - - -
GPS Connection Requirements:
DeLorme Earthmate®, DeLorme GpsTripmate®,Garmin® 30, 45, GPS
II, GPS II Plus, GPS III or GPS 12XL, Magellan™, Rockwell,
Scoutmaster™ or a fully compatible NMEA receiver Connector
cable(required for some GPS receivers)
- - - - - - - - - -

PS. My eMap will be in on Wednesday. Got it from (thanks
for the recommendation - cool price/cool people).

Tony B.