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RE: [gpsstash] Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)

Wow, what an orifice. Unfortunately his claims page was of such poor quality
I couldn't read it. The 3M packing tape works great as a SCREEN PROTECTOR.
I have done this on cell phones, scanners, GPS, and wish I did so on my
camera. Some items, such as scanners and cell phones, have grooves at the
edge of the display so you can trim the 3M packing tape SCREEN PROTECTOR
with an exacto knife.

REI used to sell Aquapacs for waterproofing GPSs. They have a thick but very
clear plastic covering, a foam padding on the back to cushion the gps, and
it floated as well.

I found their URL:
The emap measures 5.55 height x 2.42 width x 0.94 thick. [Yes, I do keep a
digital caliper handy, why do you ask.] In the yellow booty, the same
dimensions are 5.97X2.57x1.07

Their small GPS case should fit with room to spare, even with the rubber
booty. The case for the Palm would be a better fit, but might be on the edge
of not fitting.

Doing a bit more research, Aquapac has a US distributor:
Here is the palm sized case:
They only sell the large GPS case:


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> Be careful, if you aren't careful you be hearing from William Warman's
> lawyers. He has a (dubious, IMHO) patent on screen protectors for
> electronic devices, and is rather litigious:
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