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RE: [gpsstash] Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)

I would put some clear packing tape over the LCD before you start using the
GPS. The yellow booty is better than nothing, but a real waterproof case
would be better. Lanyard straps (my opinion) are more trouble than the are
worth and never install them on anything I own with the exception of my
camera because the remote snaps to the strap. In general, if you hold
something with a lanyard, it is more likely to swing around and hit
something, or just get tangled up in other stuff. I will often hike with 5
things that came equipped with lanyards (camera, scanner(s), light meter,
compass, and GPS). Can you imagine having 5 things on strings getting all

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> Subject: [gpsstash] Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)
> It is smaller than I was expecting (thats good). At power up it
> thought it was in Taiwan (sp?)....that's probably where they tested
> it last. Took about 1-2 min to figure out where I was. Menu system is
> very intuitive. Quick walk around my building (overcast day) picked
> up about 6 sats... and outlined the building perfectly as I walked
> around it. Looks like it is going to be great.
> Ordered it with the YELLOW cover (wish they had different colors) and
> it fits well inside of it. The little holder ring where you can put a
> wrist strap on the e-map does not line up with the yellow
> you would be forced to use the yellow covers loop...but it is a soft
> plastic loop that looks like it could break from the weight of the
> I will probably cut a small hole in it aligned with the
> emaps loop.
> I will test it's upload/download features with Delorme topo tonight.
> Tony B.