Richard Kaszeta <>
Sent: 10/18/2000 12:52:43 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)

Matthew T. Jachimstal writes ("Re: [gpsstash] Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)"):
>I've not used any of the commercial screen protectors on my IIIxe. I
>simply make them myself. A sheet of 4 mil vinyl runs about $0.50/yd at
>any fabric store. Simply cut to fit and press on. It stays on through
>air pressure.

Be careful, if you aren't careful you be hearing from William Warman's
lawyers. He has a (dubious, IMHO) patent on screen protectors for
electronic devices, and is rather litigious:

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