"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 10/18/2000 6:26:01 PM

Re: Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)

His claim: "Making, Using, Offering for sale, or Selling the
throughout the United States of America or Importing the invention
into the United States of America without a license is prohibited."

Note the words "the invention". His claim doesn't elaborate on what
"the invention" is, but one could assume it's the product he
manufactures and distributes. You can't use his (apparently) patented
process to create and sell 'his product' without being a licensed
dealer for 'his product'.

Buying your own plastic, poly, etc. and creating a screen cover for
youself does imply 'his product' and does not violate any patents
owned by him or anyone else. If you decide to mass produce them and
offer them for sale, you might want to retain a patent attorney to be
sure you're not in violation of any patents.


> Be careful, if you aren't careful you be hearing from William
> lawyers. He has a (dubious, IMHO) patent on screen protectors for
> electronic devices, and is rather litigious: