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Sent: 10/18/2000 6:16:21 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Lots of New Caches!

I think he's in the process of developing just that... He's gonna have the
site almost completely automatic soon enough, I think...

On a related note, I am glad I "turned over" the maintaning of an official
site to Jeremy.. I was maintaining the old site by editing html in notepad,
manually FTP'ing every html file, every pic and textfile, etc -- the
oldfashioned way. Very time consuming.... There's NO way I could keep up
with the current and future traffic... no way... is the best
thing to happen for us yet....

Thanks again Jeremy for all you've done and are doing! Keep it up! heheee

I am amazed at how the game has gained popularity in the last month or
two... and the NY times and Outside magazine articles haven't even been
published yet!

Mike Teague -

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From: "Matt O'Brien"
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Subject: [gpsstash] Re: Lots of New Caches!

> Jeremy,
> You might consider implementing a front end for adding stashes
> to your site ourselves. You could have the user enter the data
> into a form template and have a perl script generate the html
> for the stash and send an email to the list.
> It would take a bit of initial development overhead, but in the
> long run would make your life a whole lot easier :)
> Matt