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Re: [gpsstash] Map errors

Way back on 9-6-2000 GoodDogSD commented on intentional map errors to catch
copywrite infringement. I have only found one error so far in my Globalmap
100's data base, but it is a pretty big one. I found it immediately since it
is very close to my home. State Highway 79 in Ohio south of Newark crosses
US 40 in Hebron. That intersection is shown in the data base to be 1 mile
East of it's correct location. My version of Delorme Topo USA correctly
locates the intersection where it truely is.

Does anybody else know of any other such errors with the Globalmap 100 data
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Subject: [gpsstash] Map errors

> To all stashers and hunters.
> Just a few words regarding maps and mapmakers both
> online and printed. Some of you may already be aware
> of this interesting fact, but it also might help to
> enlighten others who have found inaccuracies or other
> problems with maps.
> As my job has required me to respond to addresses and
> areas all over the county, I've done some research
> into some of the errors I've found, particularly in
> Thomas Brother's maps. As you know, it is illegal to
> make "unauthorized reproductions" of copyrighted
> material, including the maps we use. Therefore,
> mapmakers INTENTIONALLY place small errors on every
> page of their maps. That way, they can identify an
> unauthorized reproduction and take legal/civil action
> to protect their copyright.
> In all cases, these errors are barely noticeable. For
> example, a short section of road may show to be paved
> when in fact it is not. Or a minor street name might
> be misspelled by a single letter. So, if you're
> searching for a stash, and you find that your map is
> slightly inaccurate, this may explain it.
> Ian
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