Sent: 10/19/2000 10:18:22 AM

Re: Quick 1st Impression of eMap (just came in)

Ok, had a little time to play with the eMap and the Delorme Topo 2
(South Eastern Edition) last night. My version of eMap is 2.60 so I
think I got lucky and got one of the new ones.

During the Delorme install it gives you the option to install direct
x (for the 3d portion of the viewing). The options were:

2D version only
3D version with direct x install
3D version with out direct x install

Since I already have the latest version of direct x and since their
version it wanted to install was an old one...I opted to do the 3d
version minus the direct x install.

First attempt to run it caused a Dr. Watson...(not good). Did a
reinstall...same thing. Went to website and found a patch for the
specific error I was getting...downloaded it - about 720K and that
fixed it.

The program is pretty simple to figure out. The waypoint download
feature (called exchange) inside the program - worked the first time
without any problems. The 3D version of the program worked too but I
could not get it to work with hardware acceleration?? I have an AGP
voodoo 3000 which has worked great with everything else I do from
games to 3d modeling with lightwave. The 3D feature is still fine
without the hardware acceleration - so that's ok. BUT I could not get
it to print the 3d view? All other views worked great when printing
but the 3D view would error...I did not have time to check their
website again for support on the acceleration/printing problem last their may be a patch for this too?

All in all...I thought the program (minus the bugs) was great and it
seemed to work perfect with the eMap.

Tony B.