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First Stash in Finland - Sun Gear

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Sun Gear
By Kalle Reunanen

N 60°22.078' E 25°08.169' (WGS-84)
Country: Finland
Stashed on: 9/30/00
Location: About 4 km south of Kerava quite near Keinukallio Ski centre.

Presumably the first stash in Finland !

Thanks to SlashDot that I found this very interesting site / sport.

The stash is located under the root of a fallen tree in woods bit over 1
km south from Keinukallio ski centre. It should be quite easy (2/2) to
find with picture clues and co-ordinates. There is path passing about 50 m
from the stash. Stash is marked with blue paper ribbon attached in nearby
small tree. See pictures for more clues.

Stash contains:
* Letter in Finnish and English
* Sunglasses
* 1 key ring
* 1 bag of xylitol chewing gum
* 1 box of freshing mints
* Logbook and pen

Position information should be very good. My Garmin III+ claims averaged
position accuracy to be 3.2m ( see attached photo). I would be happy to
hear from you if you find the stash.

Stash is now easy to access but when the snow comes, I would guess that it
will be very difficult to access during January-March depending how much
snow there will be on the top of the cliff I put the stash.

Happy Hunting.

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