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The direct route! Oh no. I've lost a little weight so the pants I used to
ride the "wash" down the hill have now been tossed. Fortunately, only a
ripped pocket, so I could still hit the Marin Starbucks afterwards, of
course looking like I went through the war.

I'll go log a report as well.

Did you like the "foot"? My old office mates sure hated it.

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> Hey Gary,
> Yea, we found it. I logged a report on but didn't post
> anything on egroup. My wife and I had a blast, even tho we are
> both camera
> shy. (I hope the techtv guys are kind to us!) Of course I ignored your
> hint (and my own advice) and took the direct route. We didn't go back the
> same, but close.
> -Scott
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> > Speaking of validating caches, did the guy (besides me) find the famed
> > Firestone cache on Mt. Tamalpias. It's been two weeks.