"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 10/22/2000 7:22:35 PM

"Un-Original Stash" placed today...

I decided to go find Dave's "Original Stash" today. While reading up
on the location, I noticed the post saying it had fallen victim to
elements. So, I put together a new stash to replace it with, should
that info be true. If not, I could place this stash elsewhere later.

Upon arrival, I searched, and searched, and searched, but for the
of me couldn't find Dave's first stash. then, as I was about to
it and place the new "Original" stash, I saw my dog sniffing around
the stump of a small tree. Bingo! Good girl! Just beside a group
of stumps from what had been very small trees, half covered with
debris, was the black bucket. The lid was about 3/4 over the top. I'm
guessing the trees existed when Dave planted the stash and it was
probably discovered (and possibly plundered) by some ODOT workers
clearing brush along the road. Currently, there is about 5 feet of
clear space between the stash and where the brush starts along the

I lifted off the lid to find the bucket full of water and debris.
as they said, this one's a wash. I rolled up the sleeve and began
rooting around in the bucket with my hand. Sure enough, after
out the leaves, sticks, etc., all that was left was the can of beans.
I dropped them back in the dismal abyss and covered the bucket as
I could with the semi deformed and cracked lid. I took some pics of
in the state I found it and with the beans beside it.

I felt it a shame to see the world's first GeoCache in such sad
so to that end, in honor of Dave and what he's done for us, I placed
what I'll call the "Un-Original" stash very nearby. This one, though,
is up the hill far enough that it shouldn't be discovered
accidentally. It's within 10 yard of the Original Stash and fairly
easy to get to. Be careful of the stickers and don't step in any of
the hundreds of mole (?) holes. Almost straight up the hill (although
it's easiest to get to by circling around from either the right or
left) about 30 feet, lies a section of a large tree trunk (approx 10'
long x 4' diameter). At the lower end of the tree trunk you'll find
the "Un-Original" stash.

Slight caveat...I took a reading while there and wrote it in the log
book. Somehow it failed to save in my Garmin unit, so I don't have
coords. Whomever visits the stash, please send me or Jeremy the
location so we can post it. Meanwhile, use Dave's Original Stash
coords to get very close.

Happy hunting.

Matt O'Brien