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Sent: 10/22/2000 9:59:40 PM

Re: "Un-Original Stash" placed today...

--- In, "Matt O'Brien" wrote:

> it and place the new "Original" stash, I saw my dog sniffing around
> the stump of a small tree. Bingo! Good girl! Just beside a group
> of stumps from what had been very small trees, half covered with
> debris, was the black bucket. The lid was about 3/4 over the top.

Maybe the talented and overworked webmaster could make a page for
"dead" caches. Eulogies, flowers, etc. could be left and rewards
posted for the SOBs that killed it.

Just a thought. I hate to see reality rearing it's ugly head so fast.

Dave, any thoughts on how this one might have stayed hidden better?