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Sent: 10/23/2000 2:09:04 AM

Re: Geocaching on TechTV?

--- In, "Matt O'Brien" wrote:
> Other than a blurb about the sport and a link to your site, I can't
> tell if it was actually a segment on a televised show or not. If it
> were, you'd think they would contact you, or Mike or Dave for some
> first-hand data on the subject.
> Interesting how he calls it an "online game", when the it actually
> consists mostly of trekking outdoors in the real world. Still,
> without
> the web, it probably wouldn't be quite so popular.
> Matt

I don't know if it aired yet, but the reporter was lurking on this
group a couple weeks ago. If he is still here, maybe he can clue us


He may have decided his 5 hours spent with me and my wife was a total
waste of time too! :P