Sent: 10/23/2000 9:12:56 AM

Magellan Map 330

Has anyone had experience with the Magellan Map 330? I'm ready to
start caching, but need a GPS first. I like the mapping capability
of the eMap, and it seems to be popular with the users of this list,
but I'm worried about the lack of rugged casing on the eMap (I'm
clumsy :) The Map330 seems to be more rugged, although lacking an
external antenna connector and expandable memory.

I've read the review on, but have not seen much more
user input regarding this unit. I'd appreciate any input.

Of course I could also wait to see how the new iFinder from Lowrance
is going to stand up. At least it will give you a choice of unit
colors (faceplates are probably not cheap, if it is anything like my
wife's cell phone...).

Thanks for the help, can't wait to start seeking and stashing!