"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 10/26/2000 7:13:41 PM

Re: NY Times Article Slant

> Staying up on GPS technique is going to become a very useful skill
> someday...

It already is. I'm an avid off-roader and belong to a club and
organization which do lots of community service such as shuttling
emergency personnel and elderly during inclement weather conditions,
assisting the county Sheriffs Office with Search & Rescue operations,
delivering meals to shut-ins, etc. We also do trail mapping for the
Oregon Dept. of Forestry on occasion. We use the GPS to track our
movements and plot the routes on their map overlays. This lets them
know which trails we are using so they can use the information when
doing forest recreation planning.

Geocaching happens to be a fun way to use the tool. Personally, I
enjoy the hikes and the hunt. I plan on bringing my daughter along on
future hunts (she's only 6 months now) and I've no doubt she'll
enjoy the 'treasure hunt'. If that's wasting time, then I'm a useless
son-of-a-gun :)