Rich Gibson <>
Sent: 10/27/2000 3:35:57 PM

New Cache "Barren Eagle"


So I just placed a new stache. It is at 106.43212 W by 39.76332 N (go
Buffs!). You need a rope, harness, rappel device and ascenders, and you
might want an extra person to keep watch.

There was a pair of nesting bald eagles on a cliff, a big deal here, so
they have the area fenced off, but we found a loose bit of fencing and
slipped under.

We tied off on a tree at the top of the cliff and rappeled down to the
ledge next to the nest. Mamma eagle wasn't too happy to see us, but we
sprayed some mace at her and she calmed down. Rudy bumped the nest and one
of the eggs fell out. Damn but it made a loud sound when it hit the cliff!
Damn rock has 'scrambled eagle' all over it! The Mama eagle couldn't see
cause of the mace and all, so I slipped a rock into the nest to distract
her from the missing egg.

We jammed the cache into a crack. There wasn't really enough room, but I
widened the crack a bit with my piton hammer, and scraped out the crack,
got rid of a bunch of little flowers that was growing in there. Cute
little things, but I figure they'll grow back, right?

Once we jumared back up we checked the tree. You should definitely use a
sling when you rappel off the tree, I pretty much rubbed the bark off, but
that's okay, cause trees can regenerate.

So I'd give this a rating of 5. Good cache!

Happy hunting!

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