Sent: 10/27/2000 8:25:15 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Sierra Club posts


Thank you for the enlighting posting.... Man are "we" ever bad people

>>>>>The eastern and western situation is different, because you guys
don't have as much federal land as westerners do. But I would think
eastern local governments would frown on it. The stuff left could be
booby-trapped. It could encourage leaving stuff on private land,
which is trespassing. It could be used to lure people for robbery or
worse. People will rob the stuff and wait for victims.

I have my sleeping bag already to spend the weekend waiting at my cache to
pounce on some unsuspecting passerby. Do they really think the kind of
people who "lure" have every been more then 10 feet off a paved road??

Jay C.
Fredericksburg, VA