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Sent: 10/27/2000 4:58:54 PM

1st DC Cache! - "Rock Creek Park"

I know this area well -

I had to remove the maps from today. I discovered that
because of the popularity of the sport, I have to pay a LOT to display
Mapblast maps legally. You can still get to the map by clicking on the link
below the description of each cache. If anyone knows of maps that are free
to display on a page, please let me know. Or if you have mounds of cash, you
can mail it to ... :)



Rock Creek Park
by Jeff Ludwig
N 38° 58.682' W 77° 2.41' (WGS-84)
convert to NAD27 or UTM
State: District of Columbia
Stashed on: 10/27/00

Terrain: 1
Difficulty: 2

It is a relatively small container (4 qt), so if people bring anything to
trade it can't be that big, although a cd case will fit in it. It also might
be a little difficult to find, because of all the leaves that are falling
right now. It's at the base of a stump.