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Sent: 10/27/2000 6:45:31 PM

New Gov Maps.

Thanks Zim. I'm using the good old government to produce images for each
cache now. They give us GPS, now they give us maps.

I have a placenames database where I grab a few local place names and plot
them on the map for you since the government map details are scarce. If you
click on the map it takes you to mapblast.

Their pricing structure for embedded maps:

26 - 50 maps $150
51 - 100 maps $300
101 - 150 maps $500
151 - 200 maps $750
201 - 250 maps $1000

Since has no maps for outside the US, I may still use mapblast
until we reach the 26 number of caches. There's around 120 caches now, so
it's getting close already.


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try, it's a little more cumbersome, but we own it.