"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 10/27/2000 4:01:54 PM

Re: New Cache "Barren Eagle"

Although this was humorous to read, keep in mind you-know-who can, and
probably will, take this and use it as propganda against us by telling
the public this is SOP for geocachers, which we all know is BS.

> So I just placed a new stache. It is at 106.43212 W by 39.76332 N
> Buffs!). You need a rope, harness, rappel device and ascenders, and
> might want an extra person to keep watch.
> There was a pair of nesting bald eagles on a cliff, a big deal here,
> they have the area fenced off, but we found a loose bit of fencing
> slipped under.
> We tied off on a tree at the top of the cliff and rappeled down to
> ledge next to the nest. Mamma eagle wasn't too happy to see us, but
> sprayed some mace at her and she calmed down. Rudy bumped the nest
and one
> of the eggs fell out. Damn but it made a loud sound when it hit the
> Damn rock has 'scrambled eagle' all over it! The Mama eagle
couldn't see
> cause of the mace and all, so I slipped a rock into the nest to
> her from the missing egg.
> We jammed the cache into a crack. There wasn't really enough room,
but I
> widened the crack a bit with my piton hammer, and scraped out the
> got rid of a bunch of little flowers that was growing in there.
> little things, but I figure they'll grow back, right?
> Once we jumared back up we checked the tree. You should definitely
use a
> sling when you rappel off the tree, I pretty much rubbed the bark
off, but
> that's okay, cause trees can regenerate.