Randy Hall <>
Sent: 10/27/2000 12:23:39 PM

Re: [gpsstash] Re: Sierra Club posts

> Still, there are certain factions of environmental groups which do
> enjoy causing harm to people and property.

Yeah, I always thought it was a bit odd to champion protecting trees
and all while hurting and maimimg people, but I don't want to get too
far off topic ...

> Isn't that what we're doing? The people I've seen doing this are ecology
> conscious people with a love for the environment, not miscreant
> bushwhackers
> with ill-intent. Many of the caches are family-friendly, and end up
> encouraging people hike and visit our national parks to appreciate the
> outdoors.

I will say, for my part, that large white buckets in the middle of
the wilderness can be unappealing to some outdoor enthusiasts. I would
work on making them smaller, and concealing them.

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