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Fw: U.K. Geocache

This was noteworthy, I figure, and didn't see it on the list yet...

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> >On 18 Oct 2000 05:03:13 GMT, (SteveTuba1) wrote:
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> >>Hi all.....
> >>A short notice....
> >>As of yesterday the 17th (about 1130 GMT)...geocache N 51 23.7 W 0 16.5
> >no
> >>more!
> >>The gorry details later.
> >
> > I'm sorry to hear that. How many others found it I wonder?
> >
> > IMHO I felt that it was too close to houses (it was actualy
> >overlooked by some) to last indefinitely. :-(
> >
> > Regards,
> > Harry.
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> Hi all....
> Well here's the story.
> The day had started off badly. As I looked out the front door prior to
> the mail, I noticed that part of our wall had been caved
> Sometime during the night our dog did bark...but, it would later turn out,
> other walls had been damaged along our street...6 last count.
> Later in the day we see the stock market take a dive. Not a happy camper
> this stage.
> My wife is on the phone with a nasty client
> when she motions for me to look outside.
> broad this fellow with his bike and dog right
over the
> cache. Wow...another "hit" me thinks......
> I grab my binoculars and take a close look.
> (The cache was some 100+ yards away.)
> I notice that he's picked it up...and looking at it. He doesn't open it.
> Strange I thought, while I try to see if he's carrying a GPS.
> No!
> He then puts it back...and I'm thinking that he may just leave it. This
> be a good thing.
> Well he leaves his bike...and goes off with his dog.
> Not a good sign.
> This guy had long (long) reddish hair and a brown hat. He looked
"scruffy". On
> the bike there was what looked like a backpack or maybe saddle bags,
bright red
> in color.
> (I'm I can spell it that way.)
> The dog was an Alsatian.
> So is ours...ha ha ha.
> SO! I set up my camcorder and hit the record button.....just as this guy
> returns to the sight.
> Anyway to make a short story longer...
> I get this guy...on tape...taking the bloody thing, after opening it.
> ask didn't I go right out there...?
> Well....I the time 6 weeks out of the hospital...quad by-pass! So
> wasn't to keen on running....
> (I'm doing just fine...thanks for asking.)
> So...there we have it.
> I did have occasion to visit the cache after a cache hunter notified me
> he'd failed to find it...after searching for some time. It took the cache
> robber nothing more that riding his bike into the middle of the now short
> to find it. I guess he was using his...wait for it...GermanPuppySensor
> all.
> Oh! I'd had three hits...but of course the logbook is gone too.
> I wonder if the last fellow found it.
> Some notes:
> Our cache location was, IMHO ok.
> Had one come from the'd have run into an inaccesible...sports
> ground...(as I'm told it's called.) a river (the Hogs Mill.)!
> From the'd have houses in your way..and you'd have to get
> them...onto a public park.
> It was in tall grass when we planted it...a shallow hole. I didn't want to
> miles to and from the cache to check it.
> The first time it was found, we were told that the writing on the outside
> worn off!
> I re-wrote it....BUT...the last time we saw it, the writing was gone
> Perhaps it would have been a different story had the writing been legible.
> word to the wise.
> Regards.....
> Steve
> Steve's wife here. Hope someone else in the UK (maybe London area) will
> another stash. I thought it was such a great idea and really enjoyed the
> (limited) response that we got, but it's all good fun, and I hope others
> enjoyed it too. So come on you Brits, lets do another one!
> Agi