"Dale Schultz" <>
Sent: 10/28/2000 8:46:50 AM

The Sierra Club

As our activity gets more publicity we will have organizations such as the
Sierra Club take an interest in what we are doing to make sure that we are
not trashing the environment. I have some suggestions that may be

Lets not get confrontational.

1) Lets have some clear guidelines published on the geocache web site that
make it clear to
people hiding stashes that they should ensure that the stash is not located
in some fragile area where stash hunters would likely cause any damage.
Emphasize ecological responsibility.

2) Let's get them involved. Ask them to propose a set of guidelines and
let's see what they come up with.

3) Start some sort of certification - such as notifying the local Sierra
Club representative to come out and check out the site themselves before the
location gets published on the web. Such caches could have the 'Sierra Club
mark of approval' icon next to it....

4) perhaps we should have stickers printed that we can place on the outside
of our stashes - a notice to anyone finding it that this is not litter, it
has not been abandoned, we know where it is and will not be causing any
environmental damage.

I am sure there are more ideas but the main is let's work with them and
not against them. After all we are getting people out into the open air and
enjoying the environment.

Don't start talking about booby trapping stashes. Some idiot will do it and
kill some innocent stash hunter and their children..

And perhaps we need to start using terminology that is less offensive -
instead of hunters - what about stash seekers. Instead of calling it a game,
what about 'activity' or some such word that does not make it sound like
trivial fun (is it any less trivial than any other sport?)

Lets stay calm and act sensibly otherwise this new sport will suffer.