"nz_etrex " <>
Sent: 10/28/2000 8:44:01 PM

Glad I live in NZ !!

It is sad to see these Sierra Club Party Poopers trying to get the
wind up GPS owners who use their devices for recreational purposes
such as stash hunting.

Can I ask who you are building tracks for? Is it for blind people?

Stash hunters are in tune with the outdoors and don't want to
vandalise parks, tracks or monuments. We can all live together so
don't try to block people from visiting any parks or forests.

I am glad we don't have Sierra Club Party Poopers here in NZ.

I know I will probably be flamed from Sierra Club members for this
but all I can say is 'adapt to change' and realise that there are
other groups who also enjoy the poutdoors.

Not everyone is out to ruin nature. Until it is proven that stashers
damage wilderness areas leave us alone !!