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Re: [gpsstash] And some more.... Sierra Club messages

I think we must remember and/or realize, from what I have been figuring from
the messages I get, theres one or two guys on their mailing list, that are
vehemently opposed to geocaching.. And I think the list is only an
east-coast chapter's list... The fact that there are pro-geocaching people
on their members-only list, seems to me to suggest that its not that big of
a deal, and an "official" position from the Sierra Club is unlikely...

Like I have said before, lets not get all worked up just yet ;)

The people (sierra club or otherwise) that oppose geocaching on an
"environmental" basis are the type of people that think that modern human
beings are not a part of "nature"...

Mike Teague -

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> >The register is an historical record, protected by law. The stash is
> >just junk. It has no purpose other than a game.
> Man, what a stuck up attitude! And is mountain climbing more
> than a game? From reading the last few updates I don't get the
> feeling that the sierra club want's to protect the wilderness
> for everyone's enjoyment, no, they want to OWN it. Because
> they think that anyone who isn't a member is an evil
> ant-environmentalist, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to
> enjoy it..
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