"Matt O'Brien" <>
Sent: 10/29/2000 8:59:06 PM

Cardboard Hill stash attempt

I gave this one a try today with no luck. I searched for about 2
hours and came up empty. The coords first showed it to be just a few
feet south of the paved trail, then north of the trail. Extensive
searching on both sides revealed nothing. I figure either the stash
has been removed, the coords are incorrect, or it's just too darn
well hidden.

Whomever owns this stash, could you please visit it to confirm it's
still there? If so, please verify the coords. Give your GPS a good 5-
10 minutes to average with the unit sitting directly on the cache.
Also, verify some portion of the stash is visible to someone who is
looking for it. A hint to the type and color of the container would
be nice so we know what we're looking for :)

I enjoyed the hunt, even if I came up empty, though I didn't feel to
comfortable with all those joggers eyeballing curious why I was
tromping around in the bushes :)