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Sent: 10/2/2000 6:59:49 AM

Re: [gpsstash] Michigan - "Rocks"

> I have placed a cache in Michigan,
> My cache is called "Rocks" ....
> Here are the coordinates:
> N 44° 33.617' W 84° 31.812' (WGS-84) Estimated position error at time of
> placement 14.5'
> Difficulty 2, Terrain 2

Just curious..............

To me this type of listing makes more sense. If we have our GPS's, why do
other listings have to tell us to start at "the head of the xyz trail, walk
about 2 miles to a clearing, look to your right over by the big rock in
the field, provide a picture of the surrounding area, etc."

If the accuracy is within 15 feet, are we not smart enough to get to the
area and find it or am I missing something?

I will admit, I have yet to try one of these, but this is just an

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