Jim Pate <>
Sent: 10/2/2000 6:33:31 AM

Another Georgia cache

Rock Town, Crockford- Pigeon Mountain WMA, Georgia

This is the stash that killed my cheap digital camera. This one combines a
hunt and a maze game. The stash is hidden on the far side of a karst feature
that consists of an approximately one to three acre maze of 20 to 40 foot high,
tight narrow canyons that criss-cross and interconnect. Just to make life
interesting, think about what you will get as far as satellite coverage while
you're in there:) A compass might help... It's a 1.2 mile, flat and level, hike
to Rock Town.

Okay, you could 'climb' the rocks and use your GPS, but that's up to you.

Once you work your way through the maze, the stash is in a crevice between two
rocks that are each more or less the mass of a hippopotamus. There will be a
cave\rock shelter about 50 feet away and located about 15\20 feet up the cliff
(with a tree growing out of it) overlooking the stash. Sorry about the lack of
pictures! I'm going to be in the area this weekend and will try to get up there
with a camera.

N 34' 38.902 W 85' 23.546

Nickname: Rock Town
Difficulty Factor: 3