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Sent: 10/30/2000 8:12:13 PM

New Cache - French Polynesia!

Hmm, now how can I convince my wife to visit this stash...

Waterfall Wilderness
by Tim Sammons
S 17? 32.644' W 149? 48.449' (WGS-84)

Country: French Polynesia
Stashed on: 10/23/00

On the Island of Moorea in the South Pacific. Photo of site compliments of
Chase and Debbie (coming soon)

Access difficulty "3", Terrain difficulty "2".

It is in a Pink plastic container at the base of a 6" diameter tree stump
(no bark) that was cut with a saw about 4' above the ground. There is some
GPS terrain blockage problems at this site but the cache is about 100 feet
uphill, bearing 225 (magnetic) from the large, deep pool just downstream
from "tree crossing". Estimated Position Error (EPE) was 150' due to terrain
blockage but the above hints should get you right there.