"Gregg Gruen" <>
Sent: 10/3/2000 1:49:51 PM

Our first hunt

I introduced the game to two friends of mine here at my university
after reading about the game on slashdot (and spending all summer
wondering what I was going to do with my GPS....only wish I had found
this sooner). Last Thursday night after class was the first time we
could go. We knew we were headed for a forest preserve near Elgin,
IL, and it was way, way after hours, but we decided to give it a go
anyway. We managed to jam three big guys in an S10 pickup and drive
over 30 miles west. We found a place to stash the truck and walked
in with a small flashlight. After a really long walk and a lot of
backtracking in the pitch black night we got within .01 according to
my Garmin 12. Couldn't find it. Then we heard the coyotes. Decided
we'd had enough at almost midnight.

We're going to give it another go this weekend. We're hooked.