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Re: [gpsstash] GPS Recommendations

Hi Nyal-

First, you HAVE to check out this page:

Tons of info on GPS. Probably too much. But wade through what you can,
and read about all the basics. It's pretty much a gold mine of info on
GPS, especially opinions and stats on all kinds of models. A review on
the 315 is here-

You can't go wrong with Magellan. Our first unit (my dad and I) was the
2000 (I think. Maybe the 3000). My dad still uses it extensively while
duck hunting. I recently got a Garmin 12map. Mainly because of what I
was using a gps for- driving. But also quite a bit of marine and hiking
use. I didn't think I'd use mine much for roadtrips, but it's now a
majority of its use. While it's not vital, you should give some thought
to what you know you immediately want to use a gps for, and also what
you might use it for in the future. Look for features that will
complement that.

(Also in OR)

--- Nyal R Cammack wrote:
> Greetings all,
> I am looking for some recommendations on an entry level GPS so I
> thought
> I would ask you all, the experts. I've done a bit of research and
> I'm
> looking at the Magellan GPS 315 (available to me at a very
> reasonable
> price).
> I would appreciate hearing from any Magellan GPS 315 owners or
> anyone
> else who has an opinion on which is the best unit. Please respond to
> me
> off list so we don't bother those without an opinion!
> Thanks, Nyal
> PS......I may be putting out a stash soon.....not the first in Oregon
> but what the heck!

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