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Re: [gpsstash] Thoughts on water?

Take a look at the GA stash on an island in Lake Lanier...... All stashes don't have to be easy to get to, and if you are willing to check yours after every high water and replentish the treasures then go for it. So far the hardest task for me is rounding up a container..
Jay C.
Fredericksburg, VA

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Subject: [gpsstash] Thoughts on water?

Okay, I'm new to geocaching and new to this forum. So be gentle.

I went out and found Jay C. stash in Virginia a few days ago, and now
I'm chomping at the bit to make a few of my own. One thought was to
put a stash on one of the little islands on the Shenandoah near my
house. Yes, It would get flooded out, so it would require lots of
maintanence. But is this a good idea? Fun idea? Bad idea because no
one would visit it? What if I made it accessable by wading under
normal river conditions (so folks don't need a boat to get at it).

Any guidance would be welcome.


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