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Re: [gpsstash] Thoughts on water?

Never fear Dale..... stash it and they will come !!!! Be adventurous, unique, individual, trust your gut.
Welcome to the fold, mate !

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Subject: [gpsstash] Thoughts on water?

Okay, I'm new to geocaching and new to this forum. So be gentle.

I went out and found Jay C. stash in Virginia a few days ago, and now
I'm chomping at the bit to make a few of my own. One thought was to
put a stash on one of the little islands on the Shenandoah near my
house. Yes, It would get flooded out, so it would require lots of
maintanence. But is this a good idea? Fun idea? Bad idea because no
one would visit it? What if I made it accessable by wading under
normal river conditions (so folks don't need a boat to get at it).

Any guidance would be welcome.


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